In the fast-paced world of microelectronic packaging, ensuring the utmost protection for sensitive components is paramount. Hermetix, a leading Shanghai-based distributor of hermetic packages, introduces its revolutionary product: the Hermetic Header. With its cutting-edge glass to metal sealed technology, the Hermetic Header sets new standards for reliability, performance, and customization in hermetically sealed packages.


Introduction to Hermetix: Your Trusted Partner in Advanced Hermetic Packaging

At Hermetix, we bring nearly two-and-a-half decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing metal packages, making us your trusted partner for advanced hermetic packaging solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of each production stage and inspection standard enables us to deliver uncompromising quality and innovation.


Unleashing the Power of Hermetic Headers: Superior Protection and Reliability

The Hermetic Header, particularly the to-60 model, represents the pinnacle of excellence in hermetically sealed packages. Designed with glass to metal sealed headers, this product ensures superior protection for even the most sensitive components. By passing rigorous tests such as insulation resistance, bending, tensile strength, aging, and hermeticity, each to-60 header guarantees the highest level of reliability.

Hermetix understands the critical nature of your applications. That’s why our to headers, including the to-60, provide a secure and stable environment for your components, allowing seamless integration and long-lasting performance. You can trust our hermetic headers to safeguard your valuable electronics in demanding environments.


Customizable Hermetic Headers: Tailored Solutions for Your Critical Applications

We recognize that every application has unique requirements. Hermetix takes pride in offering customizable features for the to-60 hermetic header, empowering you to optimize performance according to your specific needs. One such feature is the Au finishing thickness, which can be tailored to meet your precise specifications. With Hermetix, you can be confident in finding the perfect solution that aligns with your application’s demands.


Embracing Uncompromising Quality: The to-60 Hermetic Header by Hermetix

The to-60 hermetic header finds extensive applications in various microelectronic packaging areas, both on the transmitter side (toSA) and the receiver side (ROSA). Whether you’re in the opto-electronic, power, sensor, HIC, or SMD industry, the to-60 hermetic header from Hermetix is a reliable choice that delivers exceptional performance.

Hermetix’s commitment to uncompromising quality and advanced customization options ensures that your critical applications benefit from unparalleled reliability. Embrace the power of the to-60 hermetic header, and experience seamless integration, long-lasting performance, and peace of mind knowing your components are protected by the finest glass to metal sealing technology in the industry.



Hermetix’s Hermetic Header, specifically the to-60 model, offers unrivaled reliability, performance, and customization options. With its glass to metal sealed technology and robust construction, the to-60 header ensures optimal protection for your sensitive components. Trust Hermetix as your partner in advanced hermetic packaging, and elevate your business with the industry-leading Hermetic Header, designed to meet the demands of your critical applications.