In today’s fast-paced and demanding business landscape, finding reliable partners who can meet your specialized packaging needs is crucial. When it comes to hermetic packaging solutions, one name stands out: Hermetix. With nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, Hermetix has firmly established itself as a leading provider of high-quality and customized hermetic packages, catering to a wide range of applications. Let’s delve into what sets Hermetix apart and how we can elevate your business performance.


Introducing Hermetix: Revolutionizing Hermetic Packaging

Hermetix‘s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned us a strong reputation in the industry. As a Shanghai-based distributor, Hermetix boasts an extensive knowledge of each production stage and maintains rigorous inspection standards. Backed by an experienced engineering team, Hermetix continuously pushes the boundaries of hermetic packaging, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.


High-Quality Products for Diverse Applications

With Hermetix, you gain access to a vast range of hermetic packaging solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re in the optoelectronics, power, sensors, hybrid integrated circuits, or surface mount technology (SMD) industries, Hermetix has you covered.

In the world of optoelectronic packages, Hermetix’s offerings excel in minimizing insertion loss while maintaining structural integrity in harsh environments. Our butterfly package solutions have become the go-to choice for businesses seeking optimal performance.

When it comes to power packages, Hermetix’s hermetic seal packages are designed to protect sensitive electronics in projects where high thermal dissipation occurs. These packages ensure the utmost reliability, even in challenging conditions.

Hermetix also provides reliable sensor packages, engineered to withstand vibration, mechanical pressing, and thermal shocks. With Hermetix’s sensor packages, you can be confident that your crucial data will be consistently relayed from the delicate electronics within.

For projects requiring hybrid integrated circuits, Hermetix offers dual inline (DIP) and quad inline packages. These affordable solutions enable plug-in installation, providing convenience without compromising quality.

Additionally, Hermetix’s to headers offer connectivity and encapsulation options for a wide array of applications. From basic electronic circuits to advanced semiconductors, Hermetix’s to headers deliver a satisfying microelectronic packaging experience.

With Hermetix’s SMD packages, you can directly mount electronic components onto printed circuit boards, leveraging standardized sizes or opting for customizations on a smaller scale. Versatility and reliability are at the core of Hermetix’s SMD offerings.


Unparalleled Expertise and Customization Services

One of Hermetix’s key strengths lies in its experienced engineering team. Beyond delivering high-quality products, we are committed to providing exceptional customer support and solving design issues. Hermetix’s engineers possess industry expertise and can guide you in selecting the most suitable materials or offer solutions from the catalog of open-tooling products. Our goal is to ensure your application achieves optimal results, whether through customized designs or alternative suggestions.



When it comes to hermetic packaging solutions, Hermetix stands as a trusted partner capable of fulfilling specific business needs. With our focus on high-quality products, customization services, and unmatched expertise, Hermetix elevates your business performance, delivering reliable and innovative hermetic packages that surpass industry standards. Embrace the power of Hermetix and unlock your business’s full potential.