In the rapidly evolving world of microelectronics, finding reliable and innovative hermetic packaging solutions is essential to ensure the protection and performance of sensitive electronic components. Look no further than Hermetix, the leading provider of high-quality hermetic packaging solutions. With nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, Hermetix has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced hermetic package analysis.


Introduction to Hermetix – Your Trusted Source for Hermetic Packaging Solutions

Hermetix offers a vast range of hermetic packages, including optoelectronic packages, power packages, sensor packages, HIC packages, headers, and SMD packages. Our expertise in hermetic packaging allows them to deliver optimal performance and reliability for various applications.


Unleashing Innovation and Reliability in Hermetic Packages

When it comes to optoelectronic packages, Hermetix’s innovative solutions achieve the dual goals of minimizing insertion loss and maintaining structural integrity in harsh environments. These packages are particularly well-suited for the butterfly package industry, making Hermetix a top choice for customers in need of reliable and high-performance optoelectronic packaging.

For projects that involve high thermal dissipation, Hermetix’s hermetic seal power packages play a crucial role in protecting sensitive electronics. These packages effectively shield delicate components from the detrimental effects of heat, ensuring their longevity and reliability in demanding applications.


Hermetix’s Reliable Sensor Performance In Challenging Environments

Hermetix’s sensor packages are designed to withstand relentless vibration, mechanical pressure, and thermal shock while consistently delivering accurate information from the enclosed electronics. With Hermetix’s sensor packages, customers can rely on robust and reliable sensor performance in challenging environments.

The HIC packages offered by Hermetix, including dual inline (DIP) and quad inline packages, provide affordable solutions for applications where plug-in installation is feasible. These packages are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of hybrid integrated circuits, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Hermetix’s Connectivity And Encapsulation Solutions Cater to Different Application

When it comes to headers, Hermetix’s connectivity and encapsulation solutions cater to a wide array of applications, from basic electronic circuits to advanced semiconductors. Our expertise in microelectronic packaging guarantees a satisfying experience for customers seeking reliable and customizable header solutions.

Hermetix also offers SMD packages that enable direct mounting of electronic components onto printed circuit boards. These packages come in standardized sizes but can also be customized to meet specific requirements. With Hermetix’s SMD packages, customers benefit from flexibility and convenience in our microelectronic packaging.


Hermetix: Your Partner for Advanced Hermetic Package Analysis

Hermetix’s hermetic packaging solutions go beyond conventional offerings. Through advanced hermetic package analysis, Hermetix can provide customized solutions for leading-edge applications. Whether it’s OEM butterfly packages, Kovar packages, or other specialized packaging requirements, Hermetix’s expertise in designing hermetic packaging for harsh environments is unmatched.



Hermetix stands out as the trusted partner for all your hermetic packaging needs. With our extensive range of hermetic packages, industry expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Hermetix is the go-to supplier for elevating your microelectronic packaging solutions. Experience the innovation and reliability brought by Hermetix’s hermetic package analysis. Contact Hermetix today to discuss your hermetic packaging requirements and unlock the potential of your advanced applications.