Welcome to Hermetix, where innovation meets excellence. Hermetix presents its latest breakthrough in hermetic packaging solutions – Hermetix Ceramic Packages. With over 25 years of experience, Hermetix has been a pioneer in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to empower businesses across various sectors. This article showcases the exceptional capabilities of Hermetix Ceramic Packages and how they drive innovation for valued clients.

Discovering the Power of Hermetix Ceramic Packages

Hermetix understands the importance of reliable and robust packaging for electronic components. Hermetix Ceramic Packages have been engineered to exceed industry standards, providing superior protection and longevity for sensitive electronics, making them the ideal choice for various applications.


Unmatched Versatility in Ceramic Packages

Hermetix Ceramic Packages come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, catering to the unique requirements of different industries. From CLCC to CQFP and CPGA to CBGA, Hermetix offers versatile packaging solutions that ensure a perfect fit for electronic components.


Setting the Standard in Quality

Hermetix Ceramic Packages are crafted with precision and care. The high-quality ceramic materials used in Hermetix packages provide excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity. Moreover, Hermetix Ceramic Packages boast an airtight hermetic seal, safeguarding electronic components from moisture and contaminants.


A Trusted Partner in Success

At Hermetix, the focus extends beyond supplying products. The team of skilled engineers collaborates closely with clients, offering customized solutions to overcome technical challenges and optimize designs. From material selection to pin configuration, Hermetix supports clients every step of the way.


Empowering Innovation with Hermetix Ceramic Packages

With Hermetix Ceramic Packages, innovation knows no bounds. Hermetix hermetic packaging solutions have played a crucial role in driving advancements in computers, radar, communication equipment, and aerospace applications. Embrace the future of hermetic packaging with Hermetix and unlock the potential for groundbreaking innovations in industries.



Hermetix, as a trusted provider of hermetic packaging solutions, is committed to delivering excellence. The Hermetix Ceramic Packages have been engineered to provide superior protection, reliability, and performance for electronic components. Experience the power of Hermetix Ceramic Packages and witness businesses reach new heights of success with innovative packaging solutions.