Hermetix, a leading provider of optoelectronic packaging solutions, offers a comprehensive customized engineering service for glass to metal hermetic seals. With over two decades of experience in prototype to commercialization, Hermetix specializes in assisting clients in overcoming technical obstacles during the R&D stage. This article explores the value of Hermetix‘s customized engineering service, including our expertise in material selection, pin configuration, sealing techniques, and their ability to address client-specific design requirements. By partnering with Hermetix, clients can achieve cost reduction and improved functionality in their products.


Hermetix Customized Engineering Service


At Hermetix, we understand the challenges involved in moving from prototype to commercial product. With our two decades of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the optoelectronic packaging industry and the specific requirements for glass to metal hermetic seals. Our customized engineering service is designed to assist clients throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth transition and successful commercialization.


Value of Hermetix Customized Engineering Service


Comprehensive Solutions for Design Challenges

Hermetix’s customized engineering service encompasses various aspects of the design process. Our team of experts excels in material selection, identifying the most suitable materials for your specific application needs. We consider factors such as environmental conditions, device requirements, and industry standards to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, we provide expertise in pin configuration, allowing for seamless integration with other components. Our sealing techniques are carefully chosen to achieve a glass to metal hermetic seal that offers maximum protection and longevity.


Cost Reduction and Improved Functionality

By choosing to partner with Hermetix, clients unlock the potential for cost reduction and enhanced functionality in their products. Our team of experienced engineers collaborates closely with clients, analyzing and optimizing designs to identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality. Through our tailored engineering solutions, we not only reduce costs but also enhance product functionality, ensuring that your glass to metal hermetic seals not only meet but exceed performance expectations. With a strong emphasis on customization, we address your specific design requirements, resulting in a product that is perfectly suited to your unique application. At Hermetix, we are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that maximize value and performance for our valued clients.




Hermetix is your trusted customized engineering partner for glass to metal hermetic seals. With our two decades of experience in prototype to commercialization, we have the expertise to overcome technical obstacles and guide you through the R&D stage. Our comprehensive solutions, including material selection, pin configuration, and sealing techniques, ensure that your products achieve optimal reliability and performance. By working with Hermetix, a reliable hermetic seal corporation, you can achieve cost reduction and improved functionality in your optoelectronic packaging. Trust Hermetix, the leading glass to metal seal manufacturers, to deliver customized engineering solutions that meet your unique needs.