Hermetix, a leading distributor of hermetic packages, brings over two-and-a-half decades of expertise in the field of advanced hermetic packaging. With our strong focus on glass-to-metal seals, Hermetix has emerged as a trusted partner, providing top-quality solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of various industries. With our commitment to excellence, Hermetix is dedicated to delivering products that harness the brilliance of glass-to-metal seals.


The Power of Glass-to-Metal Seals in Advanced Hermetic Packaging

Glass-to-metal seals are a critical component in advanced hermetic packaging solutions. These seals offer a unique combination of strength, durability, and hermeticity, making them ideal for protecting sensitive electronic components from moisture, gases, and contaminants. By creating a reliable barrier between the delicate electronics and the external environment, glass-to-metal seals ensure optimal performance and longevity, even in demanding conditions. Hermetix recognizes the power of glass-to-metal seals and leverages it to provide exceptional hermetic packaging solutions.


Hermetix’s Cutting-Edge Product Line: Unleashing the Brilliance of Glass-to-Metal Seals

At Hermetix, our product line is designed to unleash the brilliance of glass-to-metal seals. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Hermetix offers a range of hermetic packages that exceed industry standards. Among our flagship products, the M3410b, M2006e, and the game-changing M1404 stand out for the exceptional performance, durability, and the utilization of glass-to-metal seals. These products showcase Hermetix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hermetic packaging technology, providing customers with solutions that maximize reliability and protection.


Customized Engineering Solutions for Optimal Performance

Understanding that each application has unique requirements, Hermetix offers customized engineering solutions to ensure optimal performance. Our experienced engineering team collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide tailored recommendations. Whether it’s material selection, design optimization, or sealing techniques, Hermetix’s engineers leverage our expertise to deliver solutions that maximize performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. By incorporating glass-to-metal seals into customized designs, Hermetix enables customers to achieve the highest level of hermeticity and protection.


Partner with Hermetix for Glass-to-Metal Seals and Exceptional Service

When it comes to finding the brilliance of glass-to-metal seals, Hermetix is the partner you can trust. With our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and commitment to quality, Hermetix has become the go-to source for advanced hermetic packaging solutions. Beyond our superior products, Hermetix takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team understands the unique requirements of each customer, addresses concerns promptly, and delivers solutions that exceed expectations. Partnering with Hermetix ensures access to glass-to-metal seals of the highest quality and a seamless experience from start to finish.



Glass-to-metal seals play a crucial role in advanced hermetic packaging solutions, and Hermetix is the trusted partner that unleashes our brilliance. With our cutting-edge product line, customized engineering solutions, and exceptional service, Hermetix is committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and performance. When it comes to hermetic packaging, choose us for glass-to-metal seals and a partnership built on trust and excellence.