In the intricate world of optoelectronic packaging, where precision meets innovation, Hermetix emerges as a beacon of excellence. As one of the best glass to metal seal manufacturers, our commitment lies not just in manufacturing hermetic packages, but in crafting customized solutions that elevate your devices to unparalleled heights. Join us on a journey through our tailored offerings, precision engineering, industry recognition, and strategic collaborations that define Hermetix as the epitome of hermetic packaging brilliance.

Tailored Solutions for Optoelectronic Packaging


At Hermetix, we recognize the diversity of needs in the optoelectronic industry. Our unique approach lies in the art of customization, where every package is meticulously crafted to meet your specific requirements. Dive into the realm of personalized pin pitch, a feature that sets us apart, allowing us to align seamlessly with the nuanced demands of your applications. Explore with us as we showcase real-world instances where customization has been the cornerstone of success.


Meeting Diverse Industry Needs


Our journey spans across industries, leaving an indelible mark on security systems, medical devices, laser diodes, fiber optical equipment, commercial lasers, sensors, and civilian aircraft. The versatility of Hermetix hermetic packages resonates through applications that demand uncompromised performance and reliability. Discover how our solutions have been integral to the success stories of leading manufacturers, positioning Hermetix at the forefront of diverse industry needs.


The Power of MDFO1413-w8


Within our array of offerings, the MDFO1413-w8 stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. Uncover the unique features of MDFO1413-w8, a catalyst for elevating the performance of optoelectronic devices. This cutting-edge solution is not just a product; it’s a manifestation of our dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the industry. Learn how MDFO1413-w8 can be the transformative element your project deserves.


Precision Engineering and Industry Recognition


With 25 years of mastery in hermetic packages, Hermetix stands as a beacon of reliability. Our journey is marked by precision engineering, where every product undergoes rigorous testing using industry-leading equipment. From COXEM scanning electron microscopes to Vötschtechnik test chambers, our commitment to quality assurance is unwavering. Explore the 7-step methodology employed by our in-house team, ensuring that each product conforms precisely to your requirements.


Strategic Partnerships and Cost-Effective Solutions


Collaboration is at the heart of Hermetix’s success. Our strategic partnerships with top domestic manufacturers open a world of possibilities for our clients. Access an extensive catalog of open-tooling products and enjoy competitive prices born out of these collaborations. Whether your project demands short-run precision or mass-scale production, our industry partnerships ensure scalability and flexibility. Discover the cost-effectiveness embedded in our engineering expertise, offering responsive and personalized services for your customized microelectronic packaging projects.




As we navigate the intricate landscape of hermetic packaging, Hermetix emerges not just as a manufacturer but as your partner in innovation. Our journey encompasses tailored solutions, precision engineering, industry recognition, and strategic collaborations. We are not just crafting hermetic packages; we are shaping the future of optoelectronic excellence. Choose Hermetix, where brilliance meets customization, and let your devices transcend boundaries with our unrivaled expertise in hermetic packaging.