Hermetic packaging is an airtight packaging of an object to prevent gases, solids, or liquids from entering the package. Electronic components need protection from various environmental conditions, such as humidity/moisture, atmospheric pressure, contaminants, soil, and similar others.

Regarding optoelectronic applications, TO header hermetic packaging is used to seal laser diodes or photodiodes for fibre optic communication. Similarly, TO headers are essential for optoelectronic sensors in medical imaging equipment and diagnostic devices. This article talks specifically about the TO header packaging, which is the key to high performance in optoelectronic applications.

TO Header – The Primary Metal Package for Optoelectronic Components

Transistor Outline (TO) header, or TO header, is an electronic component packaging known for its compact size and versatility. It is the primary metal package for optoelectronic components, ensuring smooth optical signal transmission and protection from contaminants and natural hazards. It provides easy circuit installation accessibility and seamless inspection/testing due to no sidewalls. 

The other reasons why the TO header is the main metal package for optoelectronic components are as follows:

  • Small Size

TO header features a compact body, which is much needed for optoelectronic components. TO header ensures smooth integration into various systems and devices while consuming little space. This helps in designing compact optoelectronic devices with efficient use of board space.

  • High Frequency

Optoelectronic components are often associated with applications that require rapid signal processing. TO header supports this functionality by efficiently accommodating high-frequency operations. This makes optoelectronic components reliable in laser applications, communication systems, etc.

  • High Precision

TO header showcases consistent and precise dimensions, which ensures an airtight fit for the enclosed optoelectronic components. Furthermore, this precision also helps eradicate package dimension variations and improves stable thermal performance. 

Overall, TO header packaging is a perfect choice for the high reliability of optoelectronic components, leading to the development of innovative light-based devices.

Types of Hermetic Packaging Techniques for TO Header

Different types of hermetic packaging techniques are used to ensure that the TO header protects the enclosed optoelectronic components from all external contaminants and natural hazards. Some of the common hermetic packaging techniques for TO headers are as follows:

  1. Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing

Ceramic-metal hermetic sealing involves fusing a ceramic material with metal under high temperatures. This type of sealing has high mechanical strength and heat dissipation due to the metallic property and ensures effective thermal and electrical insulation due to the ceramic property. TO headers with ceramic-metal sealing showcase more resistance to high-pressure environments.

  1. Glass-to-Metal Sealing

Glass-metal sealing is a more popular and cheaper hermetic sealing option than ceramic-metal sealing. In this type, glass components are fused with metal surfaces, making glass an insulator between pins and metal packaging. This hermetic sealing of TO headers ensures an airtight seal but is less resistant to high pressure.

  1. Metal-to-Metal Sealing

When there is a need for high mechanical strength, metal-to-metal hermetic sealing is the best choice for the TO header. In this type, metal components are welded and mended to create an airtight seal. This TO header sealing is best for high-reliability applications with efficient heat dissipation.

Wrapping Up – Hermetix: The Leading Supplier of High-Quality TO Header

Considering the ever-growing applications of optoelectronic components, the TO header has become an essential packaging solution for high-performance optoelectronic applications. So, how do we get the best quality TO header in different pin configurations and designs? And this is where Hermetix comes into action.

Hermetix is a globally reputed brand for designing and manufacturing hermetic packages. Its product line includes a diverse range of high-performance TO headers, such as TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, TO-56, etc. All of its TO headers have passed the tensile strength, bending, insulation resistance, aging, and other tests, making them trustworthy for almost any optoelectronic application. Besides that, Hermetix’s team of engineers can also assist clients in addressing the technical problems faced while designing new products. To sum up, Hermetix is the one-stop place to get high-quality TO headers and other design assistance.