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Why Hermetica

Harness the power of Hermetica’s own in-house engineers and decades of industry partnerships to breathe life into your ideas.

Hermetica is a Shanghai-based distributor of hermetic packages. Our team’s nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience designing and manufacturing metal packages means we have extensive knowledge of each production stage and inspection standard. As such we can ensure every product sold by Hermetica meets the hi-rel, high-performance requirements inherent to the industry.

Furthermore, the partnerships we have developed over the years with top domestic manufacturers ensure we are able to select the ideal manufacturer to bring your project to life in the most cost-effective way. These manufacturers are backed up by our own team of engineers. The benefit of this arrangement is two-fold; our manufacturing partnerships give you access to a diverse catalog of open tooling products, while our own team of engineers offers you responsive and personalized service for customized projects.

Our engineers can work with you hand-in-hand during the R&D stage to offer suggestions on materials, functionality, and cost-efficiency. This can have a profound impact on the eventual commercialization of your project. Hermetica's products range from MIL-compliant series to conventional civilian-standard series, thus ensuring you can find the product that best meets your needs. 

Nearly 25 Years Of  Production Experience

Engineering Team

Customized Service

Strategic Cooperation With Top Manufacturers

Eight Advantages

At its core, the Hermetic advantage is our airtight commitment to quality and customer service

25 Years of Experience

Extensive background in designing and manufacturing hermetic packages

Engineering Teams

Two independent engineering teams who can help streamline the R&D stage for clients

Customized Service

Responsive and personalized service for custom projects

Strategic Cooperation with Top Manufacturers

These partnerships give Hermetica’s clients access to an enormous catalogue of open-tooling products

Industry-leading Testing Equipment

All products sold by Hermetica have access to high-end testing equipment such as the COXEM Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the Vötschtechnik test chamber

Access to Scale

Our industry partnerships ensure that we can facilitate virtually any project scale from short-run to mass-scale production

Quality Assurance

Our in-house quality assurance team utilizes a 7-step methodology to ensure each product conforms exactly to user requirements

Technical Patents

Our team of engineers has received national attention for their efforts on 38 patented projects

Our Hermetic Packages

Our hermetic packages have been used by leading manufacturers of security systems, medical devices, laser diodes, fiber optical equipment, commercial lasers, sensors, and civilian aircraft. In addition to these commercial applications, we have worked extensively with both domestic and international technical institutions on a variety of research projects.

Many of these efforts have been recognized by the 38 patents our team of engineers has received. Jitai management regularly invites industry experts to our facility to train our technical team on emerging trends in the constantly expanding range of applications for hermetic packages.

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