In the realm of optoelectronic packaging, Laser Butterfly Package have emerged as a versatile and highly reliable solution. Hermetix, a leading glass-to-metal seal manufacturer, offers a wide range of laser butterfly package with our superior performance and customizable options to meet the specific requirements of various applications.


Exploring the Versatility of Laser Butterfly Package

Hermetix excels in providing laser butterfly package with diverse housing structures, tailored to suit individual needs. Users can choose from a variety of molding and manufacturing processes that align with the characteristics of the housing, allowing for seamless integration with optical channels. The laser butterfly package offered by Hermetix features eight leads with flattened wire bonding tips, copper-tungsten base soldered to the Kovar package frame with a flange and fiber optic channel.


Unleashing the Benefits of Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Seals

Glass-to-metal hermetic seals employed in laser butterfly package play a crucial role in enhancing device reliability and performance. These seals protect devices from environmental factors, significantly improving the overall reliability and extending the lifespan. Moreover, the laser butterfly package design enhances thermal management, reduces crosstalk between components, and minimizes losses due to reflection and absorption, thus optimizing the performance of the devices. By creating a protective environment, these packages also contribute to reducing maintenance costs and increasing the overall yield of manufactured devices, resulting in cost savings.


Partner with Hermetix: Your Trusted Laser Butterfly Package Manufacturer

As one of the most reliable glass-to-metal seal manufacturers, Hermetix holds a reputable position in the industry. With our decades of experience, Hermetix is committed to delivering the highest quality hermetic packages worldwide. By prioritizing customized design communication, Hermetix pioneers the development of tailor-made solutions, ensuring that client-specific requirements are met efficiently. Hermetix also maintains rigorous quality assurance standards, ensuring that each laser butterfly package meets stringent quality criteria.


Hermetix’s Safe And EffecientDelivery And After-sales Service

When it comes to shipping, Hermetix prioritizes safe and efficient delivery. With extensive knowledge of import-export regulations and high-quality export packaging, including specialized hazard packing and authenticated cold storage shippers, Hermetix ensures that products reach our destination in optimal condition. Moreover, Hermetix takes pride in providing professional after-sales service, promptly addressing customer inquiries, and resolving any concerns regarding the hermetic seal packages.



With Hermetix as your trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of laser butterfly package. Hermetix offers a versatile range of optoelectronic packaging solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of various applications. By embracing the benefits of glass-to-metal hermetic seals, these packages enhance device reliability, improve performance, and reduce overall costs. With a strong commitment to customization, quality assurance, safe shipping, and exceptional after-sales support, Hermetix stands at the forefront of the industry, delivering reliable and innovative laser butterfly package that exceed customer expectations.