• The MDFO6866-p54, is a reliable opto electronic packaging solution.


  • This product showcases a glass to metal sealing process, incorporating Kovar material for enhanced thermal and mechanical properties.


  • With 54 leads, a fiber optic channel, and assembly eyelids, it offers seamless integration.



MDFO6866-p54 Information

The MDFO6866-p54 is a cutting-edge product designed for opto electronic packaging applications. This advanced solution incorporates a glass to metal sealing process, ensuring robust and reliable performance. The package features 54 leads made from Kovar, a renowned material known for its exceptional thermal and mechanical properties.


With a fiber optic channel and assembly eyelids, the MDFO6866-p54 offers seamless integration and enhanced versatility. The product is finished with a high-quality Au coating, further enhancing its durability and conductivity. Engineered with precision and expertise, this opto electronic packaging solution guarantees optimal functionality and long-lasting performance.


Main Applications

These products are characterized by their good sealing qualities and excellent heat dissipation. The following are some main applications of this excellent laser butterfly package:


Optical transmitters, optical detectors, optical modulators, amplifiers, and high-power lasers are widely used in automotive electronics, optical communications, medical equipment, and public safety.

  Housing  Tube Leads Insulator  Solder ring
Materials   4J29 DM308 HLAgCu28
Plating  Ni:1.3~8.9μm, Au: ≥1μm Ni:1.3~8.9μm, Au: ≥1.3μm  
Dimensions   L:68mm,W:66mm,H:12.75mm
Insulation resistance   ≥1× 1010 Ω (500V DC)
Hermeticity   ≤  1 x 10-3  Pa * cm3 /s
Note Unspecified tolerances are ±0.2mm

With over two decades of experience helping clients move from prototype to commercialization, Hermetix customized engineering service offers immense value at the R&D stage. From material selection to pin configuration to sealing techniques, our engineers can provide various solutions to help you overcome the technical obstacles our clients face in the early phases of designing a new product. We can work from your drawings or ours while pinpointing ways to lower costs and improve functionality.


Customization Process

Hermetix Hermetix Optoelectronic Packaging process includes the following steps


Step 1: Understanding Client Needs

Hermetix engineers collaborate with clients to identify the project’s technical requirements and end-use.


Step 2: Design the Optoelectronic Packaging

Hermetix engineers draft technical drawings focusing on workability from the productions’ point of view and end-user, e.g., bonding and sealing requirements.


Step 3: Monitoring Production Progress

Hermetix keeps track of suppliers’ manufacturing processes, including updating clients on progress and ensuring lead times.


Step 4: Inspection + Shipping

Once products are finished, Hermetix will verify product compliance and ship.


Step 5: After-Sales Services

Hermetix ISO 9001 – Certified Quality Assurance team follows standardized procedures to address and remedy any quality issues immediately. 

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