In the rapidly evolving field of optoelectronic packaging, finding reliable and innovative solutions is crucial to meet the demands of modern industries. Hermetix, a trusted provider of advanced hermetic packaging, offers a wide range of Kovar package tailored to elevate your optoelectronic packaging needs. With over two decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, Hermetix is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to its customers.


Introduction to Hermetix: Your Trusted Partner in Advanced Hermetic Packaging

Hermetix has established us as a leading distributor of hermetic packages, leveraging nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience in designing and manufacturing metal packages. With  our extensive knowledge of each production stage and inspection standard, Hermetix is a trusted partner for optoelectronic packaging needs. Our commitment to quality and expertise ensures that customers receive reliable and high-performance solutions.


The Kovar Package: A Reliable Solution for Optoelectronic Packaging

As a leading provider of Kovar packages, Hermetix offers a range of reliable solutions for optoelectronic packaging. The Kovar material, combined with Hermetix’s expertise, ensures optimal protection, thermal management, and long-term performance of the packaged opto-electronic components. With our industry-leading technology and commitment to excellence, Hermetix delivers Kovar packages that meet and exceed customer expectations.


The Advantages of Kovar Packages for Opto-Electronic Applications

Kovar, a nickel-iron-cobalt alloy with a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of glass, offers numerous advantages for optoelectronic packaging. Hermetix’s Kovar packages provide the following benefits:

Enhanced Thermal and Mechanical Properties: Kovar material enhances thermal and mechanical properties, making it ideal for opto-electronic applications. It ensures excellent dimensional stability, minimizing the risks associated with thermal expansion mismatches and mechanical stress.

Reliable Hermetic Sealing: Kovar’s compatibility with glass-to-metal sealing processes enables reliable hermetic sealing, protecting sensitive opto-electronic components from moisture, dust, and other external factors. This sealing ensures long-term performance and reliability of the packaged devices.

Seamless Integration: Hermetix’s Kovar packages, such as the MDFO6866-p54, are designed for seamless integration into opto-electronic systems. With 54 leads, a fiber optic channel, and assembly eyelids, these packages offer flexibility and ease of integration, simplifying the assembly process.

Hermetix: Your Path to Exceptional Kovar Package Solutions

When it comes to optoelectronic packaging, Hermetix stands out as a trusted partner for exceptional Kovar package solutions. With our extensive experience, commitment to quality, and customized engineering service, Hermetix ensures that customers receive reliable and high-performance packages tailored to their unique requirements. Elevate your optoelectronic packaging with Hermetix’s Kovar packages and experience the advantage of superior thermal and mechanical properties, reliable hermetic sealing, and seamless integration.



By choosing Hermetix as your partner for Kovar packages, you can benefit from our expertise, customized solutions, and commitment to quality. Our focus on customer satisfaction and our ability to overcome technical challenges make us a trusted provider of optoelectronic packaging solutions. Hermetix’s Kovar packages offer a reliable and customizable solution for opto-electronic applications, ensuring the protection and optimal performance of sensitive components. Our extensive experience and dedication to quality make us a preferred choice for companies seeking advanced hermetic packaging solutions.