Hermetix, a reputable Shanghai-based distributor of hermetic packages, offers a wide range of high-quality packaging solutions, including our versatile to 46 headers. With nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience in metal packaging design and manufacturing, Hermetix has earned a solid reputation as a reliable provider in the industry. Our commitment to delivering superior products and exceptional service makes Hermetix the ideal partner for your to 46 header needs.


Unleashing the Potential of to 46 headers: Main Features and Benefits

Hermetix‘s to 46 headers are designed to optimize production efficiency, making them ideal for mass production applications. These headers are formed through a mechanical stamping process, ensuring high precision and consistent quality. The housing structure, created with efficiency in mind, offers a streamlined solution for high-volume manufacturing.

One of the standout features of the to 46 header is its customizable shape. We understand that every customer has unique requirements, and their to 46 headers can be tailored to accommodate specific needs. This customization allows for seamless integration and optimal performance in various applications.

Furthermore, Hermetix’s to 46 headers incorporate innovative lid sealing methods. These sealing techniques ensure robust performance, offering reliable hermetic sealing to protect sensitive electronic components from external elements. The to 46 headers are designed with multiple plating options, allowing for versatility in various applications. Whether it’s base Au-plating with lid Ni-plating or Au-plating with Au-plating, Hermetix provides options to meet specific electrical and environmental requirements.


Customization and Plating Options: Tailor-Made Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

Hermetix understands that off-the-shelf solutions may not always address the unique requirements of customers. to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we offer customized design communication, allowing for direct collaboration. This personalized approach enables Hermetix’s team of experts to understand and fulfill specific requirements effectively.

The ability to select suitable plating options is another advantage of partnering with Hermetix. From base Au-plating with lid Ni-plating to base Au-plating with lid Au-plating, customers have the flexibility to choose the plating combination that best suits their applications. This flexibility guarantees that the to 46 headers can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of industries, including microelectronic packaging applications.


Choosing Hermetix: Your Partner for Reliable to 46 headers and Exceptional Service

Hermetix stands out as a reliable provider of to 46 headers due to our dedication to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction. Our decades of experience in metal packaging manufacturing ensure that customers receive products that meet the highest industry standards. From conceptualization to product delivery, Hermetix maintains a commitment to standard quality assurance throughout the entire process.

Our exceptional after-sales service ensures that customers receive ongoing support, guidance, and assistance. From fast prototyping to reliable mass production, Hermetix’s state-of-the-art facilities and streamlined processes guarantee quick turnaround times, meeting the demands of time-sensitive projects.



Hermetix’s to 46 headers offer a combination of efficiency, customization, and plating options to address the diverse needs of the packaging market. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Hermetix has proven to be a trusted partner in the industry. Unlock the potential of to 46 headers for your applications by partnering with Hermetix, the leading provider of reliable hermetic packages.