Hermetix, a trusted leader in the industry, offers customized engineering solutions for Kovar glass metal sealing. With over two decades of experience in helping clients from prototype to commercialization, our specialized engineering service provides valuable support during the R&D stage. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Kovar glass-metal sealing, focusing on the MDFO6866-p54 package’s exceptional thermal and mechanical properties, as well as its enhanced versatility and seamless integration.

Customized Engineering Solutions for Kovar Glass-Metal Sealing


Introduction to Hermetix’s Customized Engineering Service

At Hermetix, we recognize the hurdles that our clients encounter during the initial phases of product design. To alleviate these challenges, we offer a comprehensive customized engineering service. Our team of experienced engineers brings extensive expertise and knowledge to tackle technical obstacles head-on. Whether it involves material selection, pin configuration, or sealing techniques, our engineers provide tailored solutions that not only lower costs but also enhance functionality. By leveraging our expertise, clients can overcome design challenges and achieve optimal results in their product development journey. At Hermetix, we are committed to supporting our clients every step of the way, delivering innovative solutions that meet their unique needs.


MDFO6866-p54: Features and Benefits of Kovar Glass-Metal Sealing


Exceptional Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Kovar

Kovar is a renowned material widely used in opto electronic packaging applications. Its exceptional thermal and mechanical properties make it an ideal choice for glass-metal sealing. Kovar’s ability to withstand high temperatures and resist thermal expansion ensures the robust performance and reliability of the package. This material plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of opto electronic components.


Enhanced Versatility and Seamless Integration

The MDFO6866-p54 package, designed for Kovar glass-metal sealing, offers enhanced versatility and seamless integration. It features a fiber optic channel and assembly eyelids, allowing for easy integration into various applications. The Kovar fiberoptic housing improves functionality by providing a secure and reliable enclosure for optical components. This package is engineered with precision and expertise, guaranteeing optimal functionality and long-lasting performance.




As a leading provider of customized engineering solutions, Hermetix specializes in Kovar glass-metal sealing for opto electronic packaging. Our expertise and experience enable us to assist clients in overcoming technical obstacles during the R&D stage, ensuring the successful development of their products. The MDFO6866-p54 package, with exceptional thermal and mechanical properties, offers reliable sealing and enhanced functionality. Experience seamless integration and improved performance with Hermetix’s Kovar glass-metal sealing solutions. Trust Hermetix for your customized engineering needs and unlock the full potential of your opto electronic components.