A laser butterfly package is a specialized enclosure used in the manufacture of optical transceivers. It is designed to house a laser diode, a photodiode, and other electronic components, providing protection from environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, and dust. The package also ensures that the laser output is stable and reliable over long periods.


Hermetix is a leading manufacturer of laser butterfly packages, providing high-performance solutions to customers across the optical communication industry. The company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom laser butterfly packages, meeting the unique needs of each project and ensuring the highest level of quality.

 Advantages of Hermetix Laser Butterfly Package


Hermetix’s laser butterfly package offers several advantages over traditional packages, including:


Enhanced Thermal Management: The laser butterfly package has an integrated heat sink that provides superior thermal management, improving the reliability and lifetime of the laser diode. This is particularly important in applications where the laser operates at high power or under extreme temperature conditions.


Hermetix Sealing: Hermetix laser butterfly packages are completely sealed, protecting the sensitive optoelectronic components from environmental contaminants and ensuring long-term reliability. The hermetic sealing also improves the performance of the laser diode by reducing the susceptibility to temperature and humidity variations.

Custom Design Options: Hermetix offers a range of customization options for the laser butterfly package, including different pin configurations, fiber-optic connectors, and materials. This allows customers to tailor the solution to match our specific requirements, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective designs.


Applications of Hermetix Laser Butterfly Package


Hermetix’s laser butterfly package is used in a wide range of applications, including:


Telecommunications: The laser butterfly package is used in optical transceivers for high-speed communication networks such as fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and data center interconnects (DCI). It provides reliable and stable laser output, meeting the stringent performance requirements of these applications.


Biomedical Imaging: In biomedical imaging, the laser butterfly package is used to power a laser diode that emits light in a specific wavelength. This enables the visualization of tissues and cells with high resolution, facilitating diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Industrial Sensing: The laser butterfly package is also used in industrial sensing applications such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and structural health monitoring. These applications require high-power and long-term stability of the laser output, which can be achieved through the use of Hermetix’s laser butterfly packages.




Hermetix’s laser butterfly package is an essential component in the design of high-performance and reliable optical communication systems. With its extensive experience and expertise, Hermetix is well-positioned to provide customized solutions to customers across various industries. By using Hermetix’s laser butterfly packages, companies can ensure that our optical transceivers are protected, reliable, and efficient. Whether it is for telecommunications, biomedical imaging, or industrial sensing, Hermetix’s laser butterfly package is a superior choice for high-performance applications.