What is a Hermetic Seal Package?


Hermetic seal package are specialized containers that protect sensitive electronic components from environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, and dust. We achieve this by creating a completely sealed environment around the component, ensuring that no contaminants can enter or escape.


Hermetic seal packaging is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, defense, and medical devices, where reliability and durability of the components are critical. The technology is also gaining popularity in consumer electronics, where small form factors and ruggedness are important design considerations.

Introduction to Hermetix Brand


Hermetix is a leading manufacturer of hermetic seal package, providing high-quality solutions for customers across various industries. The company has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing custom hermetic packages, meeting the unique needs of each project and ensuring the highest level of quality.


Hermetix offers a range of materials and sealing techniques, including ceramic-to-metal, glass-to-metal, and brazing, allowing us to tailor the solution to match the specific requirements of the customer. The company also provides comprehensive testing services to ensure the package’s integrity and compliance with industry standards.


 Benefits of Hermetic Seal Packaging


There are numerous benefits to using hermetic seal packaging, including:


Enhanced Component Reliability: By creating a controlled environment around the component, hermetic seal packaging protects against environmental stressors such as humidity, temperature changes, and pressure fluctuations. This ensures that the component functions reliably over its lifetime, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Improved Long-Term Performance: Hermetic seal packaging protects the component from corrosion and oxidation, which can degrade the performance over time. This is particularly important in applications where the component is critical to safety or mission-critical functions.

Enhanced Design Flexibility: The hermetic seal package allows for greater design flexibility, as it eliminates the need for bulky protective enclosures. This can result in smaller and more lightweight devices, ideal for aerospace, defense, and medical applications.


Applications of Hermetic Seal Packaging


Hermetic seal packaging is used in a wide range of applications, including:


Aerospace and Defense: In these industries, hermetic seal packaging is used to protect critical components such as sensors, transmitters, and electronic control modules from the harsh environmental conditions encountered during flight or operation. Hermetic seal packaging ensures that these components perform reliably, even in extreme environments such as high altitude, low pressure, and temperature fluctuations.

Medical Devices: In medical devices, hermetic seal packaging is used to protect sensitive components such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and hearing aids from bodily fluids and other contaminants. Hermetic seal packaging ensures that these devices are safe and reliable, reducing the risk of failure or malfunction.

Consumer Electronics: In consumer electronics, hermetic seal packaging is used to protect components such as MEMS sensors, microprocessors, and battery cells from moisture, dust, and other contaminants. Hermetic seal packaging enables the design of smaller and more rugged devices, ideal for portable and wearable applications.




Hermetic seal packaging is an essential technology for protecting sensitive electronic components from environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, and dust. With its decades of experience and expertise, Hermetic is well-positioned to provide high-quality solutions to customers across various industries. By using Hermetix’s hermetic seal packages, companies can ensure that our components are protected, reliable, and long-lasting. Whether it is for aerospace, defense, medical devices, or consumer electronics, hermetic seal packaging is a critical component in the design of high-performance and reliable systems.