Hermetix, a brand of Hermetic Seal Corporation, provides reliable hermetic sealing solutions for sensitive electronics. In today’s world, electronic devices are becoming increasingly compact and require protection from harsh environments to maintain optimal performance. That’s where Hermetic Seal Package comes in, providing hermetically sealed packages that protect sensitive electronics from environmental factors such as moisture, gas, or dust.

Customized Solutions


Hermetic Seal Package works with clients to design custom hermetic seal packages that meet our specific needs. The company’s team of engineers collaborate with clients throughout the entire design process to ensure that all aspects of the package meet industry standards and performance requirements.


State-of-the-Art Facility


The company operates a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced technology and equipment that enables it to produce high-quality hermetic seal packages quickly and efficiently. In addition, the facility includes specialized testing equipment for environmental, electrical, and mechanical testing.


Testing and Qualification Services


Hermetic Seal Package offers comprehensive testing and qualification services to ensure that its products meet the necessary standards for our intended use.


Environmental Testing


The company conducts comprehensive environmental testing to simulate harsh environmental conditions such as temperature extremes, humidity, vibration, acceleration, and thermal shock. This ensures that the hermetic seal packages perform reliably in the field.


Electrical Testing


Hermetic Seal Package uses various measurement tools and techniques to conduct electrical testing on its hermetic seal packages to ensure we do not interfere with electrical signals or power transmission.


Mechanical Testing


The company conducts mechanical testing to ensure that its hermetic seals are mechanically robust and can withstand mechanical stresses such as shock, vibration, and pressure.




Hermetic Seal Package’s hermetically sealed packages are used in a wide range of applications where reliability and performance are essential. Its hermetic seal packages are widely used in the aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas, and industrial markets.




Finally, Hermetic Seal Package’s tailored hermetically sealed packaging provide dependable hermetic sealing solutions for delicate electronics. The company’s skilled staff creates tailored solutions to satisfy the specific needs of its clients while ensuring that all components of the design exceed industry standards and performance requirements. Hermetic Seal Package is the ideal partner for organizations that demand dependable and high-performance hermetic sealing solutions, thanks to its cutting-edge facility, specialized testing equipment, and extensive testing and qualification services. Contact Hermetic Seal Package today to find out how it can assist you with your hermetic sealing requirements.