Hermetix, a leading provider of advanced hermetic packaging solutions, is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and performance. Our TO 46 header is a versatile solution designed to maximize efficiency and reliability in optoelectronic devices. In this article, we will explore the unique advantages offered by Hermetix’s TO 46 header and its potential to revolutionize your hermetic packaging requirements.

The Advantages of Hermetix’s TO 46 Header


Wide Selection and Customization Options


At Hermetix, we recognize the diverse needs of different applications, which is why our TO 46 header offers a broad range of material options. Whether you require high thermal conductivity, superior mechanical strength, or specific environmental resistance, we have the ideal material to meet your precise specifications.


In addition to material selection, we provide customization options for the shape and design of the sensor header. This level of flexibility allows you to tailor the TO 46 header to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your optoelectronic devices.


Reliable Hermetic Sealing and Efficient Thermal Management


Ensuring reliable hermetic sealing is crucial in safeguarding sensitive optoelectronic components from external elements like moisture, dust, and contaminants. With Hermetix’s TO 46 header, you can have complete confidence in our advanced sealing technology, which forms a robust barrier against environmental factors. This guarantees the longevity and dependability of your devices, even in demanding operating conditions.


Moreover, our TO 46 header incorporates metal heat sinks to facilitate efficient thermal management. These heat sinks effectively dissipate the heat generated by the enclosed electronic components, ensuring consistent and reliable operation. With Hermetix’s TO 46 header, you can trust in optimal thermal performance for your optoelectronic devices.


Efficient Production and Rapid Turnaround


We understand the significance of efficient production processes and swift turnaround times for our valued customers. That’s why our TO 46 header is designed to maximize production efficiency, making it perfectly suited for mass production. Whether you need prototypes or require large-scale production, Hermetix guarantees swift turnaround without compromising on quality and reliability.


Applications and Implications


Hermetix’s TO 46 header finds versatile applications across various industries where efficiency, reliability, and customization are paramount.


In the realm of optoelectronic devices, our header plays a pivotal role in enhancing reliability and stability. The robust hermetic sealing and efficient thermal management provided by the TO 46 header ensure optimal performance for optical transmitters, detectors, modulators, and other crucial optoelectronic components.


Additionally, the streamlined design of the TO 46 header, featuring a simple two-pin configuration, facilitates easy assembly and installation of connected components. This simplification streamlines the integration process, reducing assembly time and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.




Hermetix’s TO 46 header represents a revolutionary advancement in the field of hermetic packaging. With its diverse material options, customization capabilities, reliable hermetic sealing, and efficient thermal management, our TO 46 header offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability for your optoelectronic devices.


Experience the exceptional benefits of our TO 46 header, specifically tailored to your unique requirements, and elevate the performance of your hermetic packaging. Contact Hermetix today to embark on a transformative journey and unlock the true potential of your optoelectronic devices.