When designing electronics that must operate in harsh environments, choosing the right hermetic package is essential for protecting sensitive components from damage. Kovar glass metal sealing offer a reliable option, and partnering with an experienced supplier like Hermetix can optimize your seal design.

Protecting Electronics in Harsh Conditions


When electronics need to operate in harsh, fluctuating or hazardous environments, hermetic packages are essential for protection. At Hermetix, we provide reliable kovar glass-to-metal seals that form a barrier against gases, moisture and contaminants. Our hermetic packages enable electronics to function properly in extreme conditions like high or low temperatures, high pressure or vacuum and corrosive atmospheres. We work closely with our clients from the conceptual design phase to customize seal solutions based on their specific performance requirements. Our engineers can recommend designs from our extensive pool of experience or create new customized packages. We simulate and test seal performance to ensure designs can adequately withstand the intended operating conditions. This dedication to optimization helps clients reduce costs, improve product lifespan and gain a competitive advantage.


Kovar Glass Seals for Diverse Applications


We design kovar glass metal sealing for a wide range of applications. From sensors operating in cold climates to electronic feedthroughs for industrial equipment, our seals enable electronics to work in volatile conditions. We produce kovar glass packages for optical devices, lasers, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum tubes and many other uses. Our in-house engineering team customizes seal designs for your device’s unique performance specifications. We source and certify all materials to meet the highest industry standards. Our seals are manufactured using advanced equipment to achieve long lifespans exceeding 10 years.


Choosing Hermetix as Your Kovar Glass Seal Partner


As a leader in hermetic packaging solutions, Hermetix offers decades of experience producing high-quality kovar glass seals. When selecting a partner, consider the following: engineering expertise, customized and standardized product options, reliability testing, materials sourcing and supplier certifications. Our team of packaging engineers is ready to consult with you and develop the optimal kovar glass seal solution for your electronics. Contact us today to discuss your specific application requirements and how we can help bring your products to the extreme.、


Hermetix has built a reputation over decades of delivering high-performing kovar glass seals for diverse applications. Our engineers stand ready to consult with you from the conceptual design phase to the manufacturing of your prototypes and commercial products. By leveraging our expertise and experience with kovar glass-to-metal sealing, we can help your electronics withstand the most extreme conditions and achieve the longest working lifespan possible. Contact us today to discuss how we can optimize a hermetic seal solution for your unique requirements.