In the world of electronic packaging, the Gold-Tin Lid Series by Hermetix stands as a testament to the unparalleled capabilities of explosive cladding technology. By fusing different materials through controlled explosions, these innovative lids offer unmatched bonding strength and sealing performance, revolutionizing hermetically sealed electronic packages. Discover how the Gold-Tin Lid Series can elevate the protection and reliability of your critical components.


Introducing Hermetix: Your Trusted Source for Explosive Cladding Technology

As a leading Shanghai-based distributor of hermetic packages, Hermetix has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to the industry. With nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience in designing and manufacturing metal packages, we are the trusted source for explosive cladding technology. Our expertise and dedication enable us to fulfill your specific needs and provide the best quality hermetic packageing worldwide.


The Gold-Tin Lid Series: Redefining Hermetic Packaging Solutions

The Gold-Tin Lid Series showcases the pioneering use of explosive cladding technology in hermetic seals. This advanced manufacturing process ensures superior bonding strength and sealing performance, guaranteeing maximum protection for your critical components. By securely fusing different materials, this series offers unparalleled resistance to environmental and mechanical stresses, safeguarding your electronic devices even in the harshest conditions.


Unmatched Strength and Reliability: Harnessing the Power of Explosive Cladding

Explosive cladding, the driving force behind the Gold-Tin Lid Series, redefines the standards of hermetic sealing in the electronic industry. The controlled explosions create a highly durable bond between materials, resulting in exceptional strength and reliability. This innovative approach ensures a hermetic seal that effectively prevents the ingress of moisture, dust, and other contaminants, preserving the integrity and functionality of your components.

With the Gold-Tin Lid Series, you can experience the pinnacle of reliability and performance in hermetic packaging solutions. Its remarkable resistance to corrosion, thermal cycling, and mechanical stresses sets a new benchmark for long-term reliability, enabling you to confidently deploy your electronic devices across a wide range of applications and industries.



Hermetix, a trusted provider of explosive cladding technology, offers the Gold-Tin Lid Series as a game-changing solution for hermetic packaging. With unmatched bonding strength and sealing performance, this innovative series redefines the standards of reliability and protection for critical components. Leveraging the power of explosive cladding, the Gold-Tin Lid Series ensures optimal performance even in challenging environments. Choose Hermetix as your partner and unlock the transformational potential of explosive cladding for your hermetic sealing needs.Choose Hermetix and elevate your applications with unrivaled reliability, performance, and a commitment to excellence.