Hermetix, a leading provider in the field of optoelectronic packaging, offers the TO-46 header, a versatile solution that provides a wide range of selection and excellent thermal management. This article will explore the advantages of Hermetix’s TO-46 header for opto electronic packaging, including its high production efficiency, good heat dissipation performance, and easy assembly.

Hermetix’s TO-46 Header: Wide Range of Selection and Excellent Thermal Management


Hermetix takes pride in offering the TO-46 Header, specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of optoelectronic packaging. Among its variants, the TO-46-006 model shines with its exceptional production efficiency, making it an ideal choice for high-volume manufacturing. This model’s ability to streamline production processes enables efficient mass production of optoelectronic products, meeting market demands with ease.


Moreover, Hermetix understands that every project has unique specifications. With our TO-46 Header, we provide customization options that allow for tailored solutions, ensuring requirements are met precisely. Whether it’s pin configuration, material selection, or other design considerations, our team collaborates closely with clients to develop the optimal TO-46 Header solution that aligns with their specific needs.


Benefits of Hermetix’s TO-46 Header for Optoelectronic Packaging 

Good Heat Dissipation Performance


The TO-46 header from Hermetix incorporates metal heat sinks that effectively dissipate heat generated by the enclosed electronic components. This feature ensures reliable and stable operation, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance. With Hermetix’s TO-46 header, you can trust that your components will remain cool even under demanding conditions.


Easy Assembly


The TO-46 header, including the TO-46 model, boasts a straightforward two-pin design that greatly simplifies the assembly and installation of connected components. This streamlined design saves valuable time and effort during the packaging process, ensuring efficient integration into your optoelectronic systems.


By eliminating complex pin configurations and intricate assembly steps, Hermetix’s TO-46 header offers a hassle-free assembly experience. Its user-friendly design allows for swift and easy connections, reducing the risk of errors and minimizing assembly time. This simplicity not only enhances productivity but also ensures a reliable and secure connection between the header and the connected components.




Hermetix’s TO-46 header offers significant advantages for optoelectronic packaging. With a wide range of selection and excellent thermal management capabilities, it is a reliable choice for various applications. The TO-46 header’s good heat dissipation performance ensures the reliable operation of enclosed electronic components, while its easy assembly design simplifies the packaging process. Trust Hermetix to provide high-quality TO-46 headers that meet your specific needs in the ever-evolving field of optoelectronic packaging. Choose Hermetix’s TO-46 header and experience the benefits it brings to your optoelectronic systems.