6 leads, copper-tungsten base soldered to Kovar frame, with fiber optic channel, Au finishing.

  Base  Frame  Leads  Tube Solder ring  Insulator
Materials   W85Cu15 4J29 4J29 4J29 HLAgCn28 DM-305
Plating  Ni:3~9μm, Au:0.05~0.25μm    
Dimensions   L:62mm±0.1  W:43mm±0.1  H:13.8mm±0.1
Lead current carrying capacity At 2A constant current, it can withstand a pulse 4A current peak for 30 seconds
Hermeticity   ≤  1 x 10-3  Pa * cm3 /s
Solderiing Solder spillage should not exceed 1mm from the edge
Note Unspecifiedtolerances are ±0.2mm

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